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26 mar

A hardware problem on the VPN server in Panama.

We recommend all customers to switch temporarily to other areas.

Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

How to buy Elite Socks Proxy

Our service consists of two panels:

  1. VPN panel (or main panel) - here is possible to buy a VPN account and send a request to create an account Socks. Impossible to pay per Socks account!
  2. Socks panel - in this panel, you can only pay per Socks account and take Socks after payment.

Creating of Socks account

To buy a Socks proxy, you should pass registration on our site.

Registration for the Socks service TheSafety.US

If the registration is successful, then you will see a message on the need to activate your account. For activation you should click on the link that was sent in a message to your Email. You can then log in VPN panel.

Authorization for the service TheSafety.US

After logging in the VPN panel in section "Account" click to link "Create Socks Account".

Create Socks Account

In the new window "Management Socks service", choose a tariff plan, and then click "Send".

Within 24 hours you will receive an message to your email, which will include a login and password for your Socks account.

Choose a tariff of Socks account

Settings of Socks proxy service

After receiving the message about creating an account (email will contain your login and password), log in Socks panel.

You can change your rate plan and a password yourself. To do this, click "Account Settings".

Socks panel

In the window you can change the password and tariff.

ATTENTION: you can change the tariff, only if your account still is not paid (it has a status Suspended). After the changes, go to the home page by clicking on the link "main menu".

Account Settings Socks

Payment per Socks proxy service

For payment, click on the link "Billing" and pay for your order.

In the window you will see the following fields:

  1. Select a pay period. By default 30 days.
  2. If you want to buy an additional access to the software Proxy Helper for 30 days, then put a check here (after 30 days, pay for access to the software Proxy Helper will need again). Use the Proxy Helper is not necessarily, you can use free counterparts. Program description Proxy Helper.
  3. In this field, click the appropriate button depending on the desired type of payment. Use these buttons NEED to pay per Socks account. Please note that when paying via Liberty Reserve will be added a additional fee 17%.
  4. If you use these links, you can pay ONLY per access to the software Proxy Helper. Here you will NOT be able to pay per Socks account. Use these links if you have already bought Socks account and now want to pay extra to use the program Proxy Helper.

Payment per Socks account

Taking Socks from database

Account has been paid, and now you can take the Socks proxy from the base. For this you need to click "Proxy Search" on the main page of the panel and select the desired country.

Search Socks proxy for the country, state, city, mask IP addresses

In the next window you see all socks which are online. Choose should be the principle of necessity a certain locality, but also a number of parameters.


  • Connect - can be dialup (dial-up connection) or network (cable). In terms of speed better to choose the network;
  • Uptime - time during which the Socks are currently online. By the uptime is impossible to unequivocally judge the life of the socks. If it has a great uptime, this does not mean that the Socks will not work for long time;
  • Last check - last check. How many seconds / minutes ago, socks was checked on the performance;
  • Speed - can take the value of 1s and more. The smaller this value, the better. That is preferable to take 1s.

Socks proxy list

Choose Socks and we get the following window where you can view all of its data.

Information on the selected Socks proxy

If you are satisfied, then you must click on the link "click here to view", Socks proxy statement and will be tested again on the performance, the lack in the Blacklist Sorbs and handed to you. If the scan turns out that the Socks is not available, then the system will write you a message and prompts you to select the other Socks.

IP address and port of Socks proxy

In this case, you need the following information:, where - IP address;

57055 - port

Attention: this is only example and this Socks is NOT working.

Advices from the service TheSafety.US:

  1. For complete safety, we recommend using a chain VPN + Socks proxy, to maximize anonymity.
  2. The FAQ section provides complete information on how to work with socks proxy, provides manuals for connecting.