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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

FAQ - General questions

Here you may find answers to all frequently asked questions.

Does your servers log?

Our service is anonymous. Logs are disabled on servers, we do not keep records of your activity in the network, accept payment for services through anonymous payment systems, for example, Bitcoin, Perfect Money. We provide VPN without logs. We care about your safety!

How is the authorization of users performed on VPN servers?

Authorization on VPN server is made by login and password. Login and password entering may be automated, so you don't have to enter them every time you connect.

May I connect 2 computers to a VPN-server at the same time?

No, in case of simultaneous connection. At simultaneous connection the server will disconnect automatically one of the connections. But if you have a computer network, you may arrange a connection to a VPN-server from one computer-server, and the rest of computers may just get online through the computer-server. Or you may set the connection to VPN server through you router (if it supports VPN sessions).

I connect to Internet through GPRS, may I connect to a VPN-server?

You may connect to it through OpenVPN connections. Mostly, it is impossible through a PPTP connection, as GSM operators usually block GRE-packets, even if there are exceptions to these rules.

Is it possible to connect an Apple iPhone smartphone through a PPTP connection to a VPN-server using GPRS?

It is possible only in case if your operator of mobile communication does not block GRE-packets. You may find out this from your operator. In any case, you may connect to our servers though a Wi-Fi connection.

I can't connect to a VPN-server through a PPTP connection. What should I do?

Sometimes mistakes appear while connecting to a VPN server if connecting to Internet though DSL technology. You can buy VPN from us because many of our subscriptions support both PPTP and OpenVPN connections, so there is always a choice. Use OpenVPN connections.

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