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How to setup OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu 12

You can easily setup OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu 12.04 using only GUI tools. To start you need to install two packages in Ubuntu Software Center: «openvpn» and «network-manager-openvpn».

Ubuntu "openvpn" package install

Ubuntu "network-manager-openvpn" package install

Then you need to download configuration file for OpenVPN (on Subscriptions page) and certificates package from your VPN panel on our site. Extract all certificate files from archive to any directory you like.

Download .OVPN file


Extracting files from

Open “Network Manager” and switch to the “VPN” tab.

Open Network Manager

Click “Add” button.

VPN tab

Select “OpenVPN” and press “Create” button.

OpenVPN connection add

You will see connection configuration windows. Name it (TheSafety.US – OpenVPN, for example) and fill other forms as showed:

OpenVPN connection settings

Select “Type – Password with Certificates (TLS)”. Then fill other filels, “Gateway” can be found in .OVPN file that you downloaded from VPN panel. You need to fill only IP-address of gateway, port will be needed later.

  • “Username” and “Password” – credentials for your subscription
  • “User Certificate” – client.crt file from archive
  • “CA Certificate” – ca.crt file from archive
  • “Private key” – client.key file from archive

When this forms are filled, press “Advanced” button.

On the “General” tab you need to enter custom gateway port (from .OVPN file). Then check “Use LZO data compression” and “Use a TCP connection” boxes.

General tab

On the “Security” tab select AES-256-CBC cipher

Security tab

On the “TLS Authentication” tab check “Use additional TLS authentication” box. Then select Key File – ta.key from certificates archive and “Key Direction” – 1. Press Ok button and save created connection.

TLS Authentication tab

To enable connection click on the networking icon in system tray, point on “VPN connections” menu and click on the connection name.

Connecting OpenVPN


Recommendations from TheSafety.US service

  1. Check the IP address after successful connection.
  2. If you have problems with connection, go to section FAQ -> General questions. There are answers to many questions there.


If you have any problems, apply to Technical support,

they will answer and help you!

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