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How to Setup PPTP VPN connection in iOS on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

To setup a PPTP connection (vpn ios) on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, go to Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN.

Main menu of Apple iPhone, iPod Touch

Click "Add VPN configuration".

Add PPTP VPN configuration on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch

In the next window fill in all required information for connection:

  • Choose "PPTP" connection.
  • In the field "Description" type the connection name, for example, "VPN iOS - TheSafety.US".
  • in the field "Server" type the IP address of the VPN server, for example, "". You can see IP address in the section Subscriptions in the panel. If you bought the access to several servers, then necessary to create several PPTP connections.
  • Type your Username VPN in the field "Account " . You can see this information in Subscriptions.
  • Type your Password VPN in the field "Password". You can see this information in Subscriptions in the panel.
  • Click "Save".

Type the information for connection to PPTP VPN on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch

To connect to the VPN server, it is necessary to move the slider to the right side.

Connect to PPTP VPN on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch

The connection is starting, wait until your iPhone connects to the VPN server. Similarly configured VPN on the iPad and iPod Touch.

When connection will be established successfully then you will see the icon "VPN" in the right top corner.

Connection to PPTP VPN is established successfully on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch


Recommendations from TheSafety.US service

  1. Check the IP address after successful connection.
  2. If you have problems with connection, go to section FAQ -> General questions. There are answers to many questions there.


If you have any problems, apply to Technical support,

they will answer and help you!

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