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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

Prices on Socks proxy servers

2 proxy databases: Proxy lives maximum 24 hours Proxy lives all time of subscription

All proxies in the database are Socks5 proxy. At the moment it is the most reliable proxy protocol.

This base is ideal for those who require accurate sample Socks proxy by country, state, city, mask IP address.

In our database more than 4000 anonymous elite Socks proxies online, more than 60 countries. Each socks proxy is taken from the database manually. Taking the list is not provided.

All proxies are "live" on average no more than 24 hours. Monthly payment, proxy price is depend on the tariff. If not consumed at the rate of residue proxy, it does not carry over to the next month. Each proxy after taking from the base removed. Thus other customers can not take it.

Proxy prices for tariff Daily

Set a fixed number of proxies that can be taken during the day. If the limit is exhausted, the system will not allow more proxies to take in this day. Server time is specified in the personal account.

This rate is beneficial to those who knows how many proxy need per day. Also note that the lifetime of each socks up to 24 hours (maybe less), so it's worth taking stock of tariff.

  Day limit Quantity for month Price per month Proxy Helper
Daily 5 5 150 $25 $10 / month
Daily 10 10 300 $40 $10 / month
Daily 20 20 600 $50 free
Daily 30 30 900 $80 free

For example, at the tariff of Daily 5, every day you can take no more than 5 proxy. Unspent proxy does not carry over to the next days.

Tariffs Per Use

You can take all the proxy at any time during the paid month. Taking the list is not provided.

This tariff is beneficial to those who need proxies from case to case, ie, without the need for them daily.

  Quantity for month Price per month Proxy Helper
PerUse 1 20 $10 $10 / month
PerUse 2 50 $15 $10 / month
PerUse 3 80 $20 $10 / month
PerUse 4 200 $29.95 $10 / month
PerUse 350 350 $49 $10 / month

For example, tariff Per Use 1, proxy price is $10 per month. You can immediately take a 20 proxy. Unspent proxy over the last month is lost and for the next month are not transferred.

Application Proxy Helper:

When you first purchase any Socks tariff use Proxy Helper program for free for 1 week. Proxy Helper works only with this base of proxy. Application helps to switch proxy quickly.


  1. Use of account more than 1 person.
  2. Use Proxy Hepler more than 1 person.
  3. Use for mass sending out (including send through XRumer), spam, brute, SQL injections.

Country list in which proxy located

Below is a screenshot, where you can see the approximate distribution of the amount of proxy servers in the database.

Country list of Socks proxy servers

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Proxies are not suitable? There is a second base

View the price on permanent proxies. This database contains a lot of Russian, Ukrainian and European proxy. Proxy installed on our servers and run permanently.