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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

Prices for anonymous VPN servers

We have several types of subscriptions. Prices on the VPN servers differ depending on the type of subscription.


More about VPN subscriptions

Standard VPN
Standard VPN

Traffic passing through 1 server

Encrypted traffic passing through the VPN server in one country.

Static Shared IP - on the same IP multiple clients
- unlike the input and output IP
Static Dedicated IP - for each client its IP
- portforwarding for RDP port 3389
Dynamic Dedicated IP - a unique IP for each client, changing at reconnecting
- portforwarding for all ports
- possible to start Apache, transfer data, use RDP

Double VPN
Double VPN

Traffic passing through 2 servers

Traffic is encrypted twice, passing through the VPN servers in different countries.

Double VPN - traffic passes through 2 servers in different countries.
Offshore Double VPN - traffic passes through 2 servers, one from which is located in an offshore country. As a rule, state control in these countries is low, which increases the level of security.
- monthly change in the external IP
OpenVPN TCP - secure
OpenVPN UDP - faster

Choose the type of VPN subscription:

Select the exit point
Kit priceSelect the exit point


If you need more than 10 different VPN subscriptions, please contact us and we will offer you special conditions with discounts up to 50%.


Terms of Use VPN

Do not use for mass mailing (including through the XRumer), spam, any kinds of attacks, and any illegal and unlawful actions.

You can learn how our VPN service protects customers.

We are 100% protect their customers

Our technology makes you anonymous to protect the Internet. For many years our work there is no case, whenever our customers have been found.

Our service provides 100% anonymous services, and we do not write and do not keep any logs for your visits to the site, the use of payment systems, storage of other information that could identify you.

Find out Why you should not use a cheap VPN, if you need anonymity.

Secure Kit - convenient application

Secure Kit 3.0

The program itself sets the VPN connection. You just select the desired connection.

Manage your Account directly from the program: buy, renew your VPN subscriptions, use the actual DNS servers. All this is embodied in an intuitive VPN client for Windows - Secure Kit.

Doubts about buying?

Simultaneously with the purchase VPN subscriptions for you begins to act Customer Care Program.

We guarantee your safety when used properly VPN + Socks services, you become invincible!

100% MoneyBack if you do not like our services.