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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

Prices on permanent proxy

2 proxy databases: Proxy lives maximum 24 hours Proxy lives all time of subscription

The database proxy for those who need to take the proxy list. All proxy support protocols HTTP, HTTPS, Socks5. These proxies are well suited for parsing data, SEO, SMM.

Most of the proxy in the list will run continuously for the duration of the subscription. Proxy list is updated periodically. A current list of proxy is downloaded via personal cabinet.

Authorization occurs login / password or by linking to your IP address (refer to the description of the tariff).

We can not guarantee that our proxy will work with any of the sites (for example, may be banned by Google, etc.). First take the rate for 10 days, and if suitable, will pay for a longer period.

Price on proxy depends on the selected tariff. Payment and receipt of goods produced without registering on the website. Just click on the "Buy" button next to the selected tariff. You can pay using PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards.

Application Proxy Helper can not be used for this database.

Proxy for parsing in package Elite

Proxy work bound by IP address or by authorization of login / password.

Access to russian social networks "VKontakte" and "Classmates" completely closed due to spammers. We hope for your understanding. You can use these proxies to parse the data, SEO.

Prohibited: hacker activity.

Quantity 10 days 30 days
Russia + Ukraine + Germany, England, Czech Republic
(5500 proxy)
$23 - Buy $45 - Buy
Russia + Ukraine (2000 proxy) $18 - Buy $35 - Buy
Russia (1000 proxy) $10 - Buy $20 - Buy
Ukraine (1000 proxy) $10 - Buy $20 - Buy
Europe - Germany, England, Czech Republic
(1000 proxy)
$10 - Buy $20 - Buy
USA (1000 proxy) $15 - Buy $25 - Buy


Bulletproof proxy for mailings

Proxy work bound by IP address or by authorization of login / password.

Allowed: Xrumer and similar software, spamming blogs, guestbooks, forums, run bots to register accounts. Email spam sending is blocked.

Prohibited: hack, DDOS and other hacking activities.

Quantity 10 days 30 days
Ukraine (350 proxy) $6 - Buy $12 - Buy


Proxy for "Vkontakte"

Authorization only through login / password.

Access to social network "Vkontakte" open.

Prohibited: dissemination of illegal information, spamming the forums, and guest blogs, hacker attacks, hacking websites and stealing personal information.

Quantity 10 days 30 days
Russia (70 proxy) $4 - Buy $8 - Buy


Personal proxy

Proxy work bound by IP address or by authorization of login / password. Price proxy is for 1 pcs.

Individual proxy, which will only use you for all the time of purchase.

Quantity 30 days
Russia (1 proxy) $5 - Buy


Do you need many personal proxy?

We will help you and make for you unique proxy which were never used before.

We recommend to look at proxy for Instagram, Craigslist, social networks.


Proxies are not suitable? There is another base

Look at the price of Socks proxy which live a maximum of 24 hours and provide the highest level of security.