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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

Secure Kit 2.0 for Windows

Download the last version of application TheSafety.US Secure Kit by reference below.

Feature of the program is that you can buy VPN access directly from the program.

Attention: by loading a file Internet Explorer can identify this file as dangerous. You need to allow launching the application.

Download TheSafety.US Secure Kit (VPN client)

Launch the file securekit_2.exe and specify in the appeared window in what folder you want to unpack Secure Kit Portable.

Path for unpack the program Secure Kit

After unpack the program you can save the folder Secure Kit on any media type: USB, Flash disks and launch the program from them.

For the correct OpenVPN connection work install the driver TAP Win-32.

Install the driver TAP Win-32 for OpenVPN

In the authorization window enter your login and password from your account on TheSafety.US

Authorization in the program Secure Kit

To connect to VPN server click twice on connection in the main program menu.

Main program menu

To overview the process of connection, move your mouse over the flag icon of the VPN connection country and click the mouse on it.

VPN server connection log

For the quick sending of the e-mail to the Technical Support use the letter icon in the connection window.

Quick sending of the e-mail to the Technical support in Secure Kit

To switch between PPTP and OpenVPN connections, click the right mouse button on connection and choose the required connection type.

Attention: depending on the type of VPN subscription only PPTP or OpenVPN connection support, or both, is possible.

Also DNS server will be shown for this connection in the same list. It takes only to click the left mouse button on the line to copy the IP address of the DNS server. For details, see the article "How to hide your real DNS server".

Support of PPTP and OpenVPN connections in Secure Kit

Section Management allows to manage subscriptions straight out of the program. All functions are available: buying, extension, change, cancel the subscriptions.

VPN subscriptions manager in Secure Kit

Old version of program Secure Kit 1.6