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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

Manual of configuring VPN and Double VPN

Here you may find the instructions on setting a connection with VPN servers of various OS.

Double VPN is possible only through an OpenVPN connection (Tunnelblick for Mac). At the case setup of a common VPN and Double VPN does not differ for you! Differences in setup are implemented on our servers, that's why connecting to Double VPN is as easy as to a common VPN.

We recommend to use our PPTP/OpenVPN client Secure Kit for all versions of Windows. It setups all connections automatically and then just need to choose a desired connection.

Standard methods for setting PPTP and OpenVPN connections:

How to setup VPN on Windows

How to setup VPN on Mac OS X

How to setup VPN in Ubuntu Linux

How to setup VPN on iOS

How to Setup PPTP VPN connection on Android

Advices from service TheSafety.US

Automatic entry of login and password, as well as blocking the connection with Internet in case of connection release, is provided through OpenVPN connection. Click on "Additional settings".