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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

Encryption and safety of ICQ using SimpLite

Update: the development of the program is stoped due to the development of social networks.

At modern development of Internet technologies, users are often interested in the safety of transmitted information. It is known that during transmission of information through the HTTP protocol, all the information is transmitted openly and may be stolen. When using programs of instant messaging, the problem of ICQ safety also appears. We recommend additionally use a paid VPN service to ensure anonymity on the Internet. Learn more what is this VPN.

The company SecWay ( has developed the program Simp that provides encryption of instant messages for most IM-clients (ICQ, AOL/MSN Messenger, Miranda, QIP, Trillian, Yahoo Messenge, Jabber, Google Talk). Transmitted messages and files are encrypted with symmetric codes AES, 3DES, CAST and Twofish with the key long 128 bits. To provide safe transmission of symmetric key of encoded session and authentication of users, asymmetric codes such as RSA 2048-4096 bit, ElGamal/DSA 1024/2048 bit, Elliptic curve over GF(p) 256/521 bit are used. There are two versions of this program SimpLite and SimpPRO. We will review the program SimpLite as it is free.

The program may work in two modes:

  • Emulation of IM-service – the client sends its messages to the local server where they are encrypted and sent to IM-server (for example, to the server of ICQ). The disadvantage of this technology is that when you use a non-standard client, its resources may be limited by the resources of local server.
  • Emulation of Socks 5 proxy (recommended mode of use) – in this case the client should describe settings for its work through the local Socks5 proxy that will encrypt all the transmitted information. The program SimpLite already includes auto-settings for some IM-clients. The program Simp should be set up manually for absent clients.

Setup of SimpLite ICQ

Process of ICQ-client QIP and SimpLite setup:

1. It’s necessary to install SimpLite on both computer-clients of QIP. You may download the last version of the program from the official site Be careful: it’s necessary to download a proper program version for different IM-clients.

2. Adapt QIP for work through Socks 5 proxy:

  • - proxy-server:
  • - port 15190
  • - type of proxy Socks5

Enter username and password for ICQ

Settings for ICQ client connection

3. In SimpLite, choose the ICQ client you are currently using. If there is no such a client in the list, choose "Other ICQ/AIM Client". On the tab "Connection" mark "Automatically detect settings".

Settings for SimpLite for ICQ

4. SimpLite will offer you to create secret keys and share with your friends in QIP contact list (only with those who has Simp). While sharing the keys, you’ll have to click "Accept" in the window that appears. Click the Simp icon in system tray – a window that shows who are you chatting with and whether your correspondence is encrypted will appear:

  • green arrows show the users that will receive your letter encrypted;
  • blue arrows mean that your message is encrypted but there is no warranty that it will get to the addressee. In this case it is necessary for the addressee to accept the key;
  • red arrows mean that your messages are not encrypted and are transmitted openly. In this case it is necessary to check all program settings and assure that your key and the key of your company are generated in SimpLite.

We may say that the most important is the line mode (color of arrows); the icon of a "man"in system tray may remain red. Important: share of generated keys and establishment of encrypted connection are possible ONLY in visibility mode of BOTH interlocutors! In other words, if your status is "Invisible", encryption will be impossible!

Next image shows the availability of personal key "qiprsakey" and two fictitious keys of addressees.

Window of active keys in SimpLite

In the same way you may set up any program of instant messaging for work with universal program SimpLite. Check out the prices on the VPN servers and use SimpLite with VPN.