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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

How VPN service protects its customers

Research of National Security Agency showed over 800 million people from around the world go to the Internet daily. Threat to the security of personal data relevant to each of us.

We are all in danger

Absolutely all ISPs record data on sites you've visited. This data is stored forever.

ISPs are logs

They know what you did in the network

The decision is already there - need to use secure VPN service

Not every VPN service protects its customers.

Arrested hacker from group LulzSec also used VPN. But it did not help him.

It turns out the whole thing in how to protect.


Our VPN service to hide your Internet activity and hides indirect options which can determine your location.

Benefits of paid VPN service

Change VPN output points when need
Change VPN output points
when need
Actual list of DNS servers
List of DNS servers
Strong encryption
Strong encryption
Connection to IP address not to domain name
Connection to IP address
not to domain name
PPTP and OpenVPN (secure TCP and rapid UDP protocols)
PPTP and OpenVPN
(secure TCP and
rapid UDP protocols)
Modification TTL
Modification TTL
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited bandwidth
Opened all ports(including for sending mails)
Opened all ports
(including for sending mails)

Our paid VPN service gives you the freedom to access worldwide. Use a secure VPN without logs to protect personal data.

We guarantee

No logs
No logs
on all servers
Security and anonymity VPN and Socks
Security and anonymity
using VPN + Socks
100% MoneyBack
within 7 days


More about VPN subscriptions

Standard VPN
Standard VPN

Traffic passing through 1 server

Encrypted traffic passing through the VPN server in one country.

Static Shared IP - on the same IP multiple clients
- unlike the input and output IP
Static Dedicated IP - for each client its IP
- portforwarding for RDP port 3389
Dynamic Dedicated IP - a unique IP for each client, changing at reconnecting
- portforwarding for all ports
- possible to start Apache, transfer data, use RDP

Double VPN
Double VPN

Traffic passing through 2 servers

Traffic is encrypted twice, passing through the VPN servers in different countries.

Double VPN - traffic passes through 2 servers in different countries.
Offshore Double VPN - traffic passes through 2 servers, one from which is located in an offshore country. As a rule, state control in these countries is low, which increases the level of security.
- monthly change in the external IP
OpenVPN TCP - secure
OpenVPN UDP - faster

VPN servers in 20 countries, 23 cities


VPN CanadaCanada
Offshore VPN PanamaPanama
States California, Florida, Missouri

VPN MalaysiaMalaysia

VPN BelgiumBelgium
VPN Czech RepublicCzech Republic
VPN FinlandFinland
VPN FranceFrance
VPN GermanyGermany
VPN IrelandIreland
VPN ItalyItaly
VPN LithuaniaLithuania
VPN LuxembourgLuxembourg
VPN NetherlandsNetherlands
VPN PolandPoland
VPN PortugalPortugal
VPN SpainSpain
VPN SwitzerlandSwitzerland
VPN UkraineUkraine
VPN United KingdomUnited Kingdom

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