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Security basics

The first book of the anonymity in the Internet

Additional settings of OpenVPN

Here additional settings of OpenVPN connection are given.

In the FAQ section you can find answers to common questions, detailed instructions for configuring VPN, Socks, information on the correction of errors VPN connections, as well as information how to hide real DNS server in Windows and Mac OS X.

Automation of login and password input at OpenVPN connection

To automate the input of login and password, it’s necessary to do the following:

- download the client OpenVPN from our site (this option works not with all versions of the program!);

- after the installation of the program, create the file up.txt in the folder "Program Files/OpenVPN/config" and type two lines there - Username VPN and Password (you may find out this information in the section Subscriptions in the panel):

Username VPN

Open the file "client.ovpn" for edition in the same folder and substitute the line:
with the line:
auth-user-pass up.txt

Now, connect to OpenVPN as usual and the window for username and password input will not appear.

Blocking the connection with Internet at disconnection

In the file "client.ovpn" insert the following line to any place:

down "idown.bat"

Create in the folder - "Program Files/OpenVPN/config" - the file "idown.bat" with the line:

route delete mask