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How to setup PPTP VPN connection on Ubuntu 12

You can easily setup PPtP connection on Ubuntu 12.04 using only GUI tools. No need to install any additional tools – Ubuntu has all the packages by default.

Click on the “Networking” icon at the top of the screen. Point on “VPN Connections” menu and click on “Configure VPN” option.

Open Network manager

You will see a “Network connections” manager. Click “Add” button in the “VPN” tab.

Network manager VPN tab

Select “Point-to-Point Tunneling (PPtP)” and click “Create” button.

Adding PPtP connection

Name your connection, “TheSafety.US” for example. Then you need to enter connection data of your subscription:

  • Gateway
  • User name
  • Password

PPtP settings tab

VPN panel credentials

This data could be found at VPN Panel on our site. Then open advanced settings by pressing “Advanced” button.

Enable only MSCHAP and MSCHAP2 authentication methods and uncheck others. Enable “Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)”? select security 128 bit mode and allow stateful encryption. Also you need to boxes “Allow BSD data compression”, “Allow Deflate data compression” and “Use TCP header compression” to be checked.

PPtP advanced settings

When all settings are set, click Ok and save your new connection. To use it click on “Networking” icon on the top of screen, point on “VPN Connections” menu and click on the connection name.

Connecting to PPtP


Recommendations from TheSafety.US service

  1. Check the IP address after successful connection.
  2. If you have problems with connection, go to section FAQ -> General questions. There are answers to many questions there.


If you have any problems, apply to Technical support,

they will answer and help you!

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