Edward Snowden told the world that we are constantly monitored on the Internet. Each of our actions is recorded and these records are stored for many years.

You have the right to anonymity on the Internet. And we can help you realize it.

Anonymity on the Internet


We created a knowledge base and tell you how to be anonymous on the Internet.

The knowledge base contains articles on using different ways to be anonymous on the Internet, instructions for setting up with pictures, ways to hide your IP address and location.


  • what is VPN and when they need to use
  • how to be sure 100% that VPN service does not keep logs
  • is it safe to use Double VPN, Triple and Quad VPN
  • what is Parallel VPN and how to use it
  • setting up a VPN connection for stable operation


  • what is a proxy and how to use it
  • types of proxies and how it works
  • setting up a proxy in the browser and in special programs

Other methods

  • what is a TOR network and whether it can be used
  • can I use anonymizers
  • what are the programs for changing the IP address


  • what browser is better to use in terms of anonymity?
  • useful browser plugins
  • how to check the basic parameters of anonymity
  • Do not track mode and how to protect yourself from shadowing

Virtual machines

  • what are virtual machines used for and what is better to use?
  • examples of working with virtual machines on Windows and macOS
  • Windows monitors us, which anonymous operating system to choose?

Indirect security

  • how to encrypt data. TrueCrypt Analogs
  • checking the IP address in black-lists - what is it for?
  • DNS leak and how to prevent it

Checklist before work

  • how to check anonymity and IP address (a description of ways to find out your real location)
  • the scheme, thanks to which in 5 minutes you can check all the main parameters
  • examples of setting up anonymous chains

You will learn How to stop doing stupid actions that completely identify you on the Internet, even when using VPN, proxy, Tor network and anonymizers

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