Knowledge Base - ABC of anonymity

In 2014 we wrote the first book about anonymity on the Internet and called it a "Basics of anonymity".

During this time, it read more than 3,000 people, and the information in it still is important.

Now we are working to expand the amount of articles on security and anonymity on the Internet.

Our goal is to create the first online knowledge base on the anonymous work on the Internet.

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The contents of the Knowledge Base


  • what is a VPN and when you need to use it
  • how to know does VPN service keep logs?
  • Is it safe to use Double VPN, Triple and Quad VPN ?
  • what is a Parallel VPN and how to use it
  • VPN connection settings for stable operation


  • what is a proxy and how to use it
  • proxy types and where to get it
  • proxy setting in the browser and apps for anonymous works

Other methods

  • what is a TOR network and whether you can use it
  • read more about SSH and dedics and how to use them
  • whether it is possible to use anonymizer


  • more about browsers
  • anonymous browsers
  • useful plug-ins for browsers
  • how to verify basic security settings
  • Do not track mode and how to protect yourself from surveillance

Virtual machine

  • what is a virtual machine and how to use it
  • examples of work with virtual machines on Windows and Mac OS X
  • types of secure operating systems

Indirect security

  • how to encrypt the data. Analogs TrueCrypt
  • check the IP address in the blacklist - what does it do?
  • how to change DNS server

Legal issues of anonymity

  • lawyer answers to frequently asked questions

Checklist checks before work

  • scheme how for a 5-minute check all the basic settings
  • examples of setting the anonymous chains

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