Refer a friend - affiliate program

A unique opportunity to renew a VPN subscription for free! Just tell your friends about us.

How to participate?

  1. Buy a VPN subscription on our website (any tariff with a period of 1 month and longer).
  2. Go to My Account, and then click on the My Friends button (if there is no button, then you do not have an active VPN subscription)
  3. Copy your link like and send this link to your friend
  4. Your friend buys a VPN subscription (any tariff with a period of 1 month and longer)
  5. Your VPN subscription and your friend's VPN subscription will be renewed for 1 month

You and your friend will get 1 month of renewal of VPN subscription for free!

You can send your link via email, publish in social networks, forums.

It is forbidden to advertise a link through spam mailing and unlawful actions.

The terms of participation

  1. It is forbidden to have several registrations and wind up payments to yourself. All bonus accruals are checked manually. If it happens, your account will be blocked and no money will be returned.
  2. Bonus calculation for each friend is given only once.
  3. If you have several VPN subscriptions, then the one that has the closest expiration date will automatically renew. You can not select the desired VPN subscription for renewal.
  4. If you do not have an active VPN subscription at the time your friend purchase a VPN subscription, then the bonus is not accrued (burned).
  5. Double payments for an affiliate program with payment of money and the Refer a Friend program are not possible. Refer a friend program is considered a priority.


Are you not satisfied with that program?

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