Username and Password for Secure Kit

Log in via Username and Password VPN

You can log in using the Username and Password of your account.

If purchased multiple VPN subscriptions, you can use Username and Password VPN. In this case, the Connection list will be loaded only for the specified VPN subscription.

OpenVPN connection

The program only uses OpenVPN protocol, which is recognized as the most trusted VPN protocol.

Easy to use interface of Secure Kit

A handy list of connections in the Secure Kit

A handy list of connections

Lists of connections are divided into Standard VPN and Double VPN.

List of Favorites for commonly used VPN connections.

Protection from DNS leak

Secure Kit has built-in protection against DNS leak. Now DNS requests are securely protected.

The protection is always on and does not require additional actions from the user.

What is a DNS leak

DNS leak for Windows in Secure Kit

Blocking access to the Internet in Secure Kit

Blocking access to the Internet

Use the Kill Switch option when you need to block Internet access bypassing the VPN channel. If the VPN connection fails, no data will leak into the Internet. Kill Switch will block Internet access without VPN.

Hide the use of VPN

OpenVPN can be configured on port 443, but traffic OpenVPN connection is different from the signatures of SSL traffic connection (visit a website via https).

Secure Kit is able to mimic the normal SSL connection. Your ISP will see a normal SSL traffic as if you visit https website.

Select Imitation HTTPS to hide the fact of using a VPN connection.

Hide the use of VPN in Secure Kit

The types of connections in Secure Kit

Several types of OpenVPN connections can be selected in the program settings.

OpenVPN TCP - the TCP data transfer protocol. It is characterized by reliability and data security. TCP is slower UDP. We recommend to use when critical reliability of data transmission.

OpenVPN UDP - uses UDP data transfer protocol. It is used when the data rate is important. Recommended use for Skype, SIP, Web sites, and view streaming video.

Imitation HTTPS - is to combine several technologies in order to hide the fact of VPN using. This type of connection does not differ from the usual visit https website for SSL protocol. We recommend to use when you need maximum anonymity.

Safety in 1 mouse click

9 seconds and you are safe

So little time required to Secure Kit, to connect to a reliable OpenVPN server.

Connection to OpenVPN in Secure Kit

Secure Kit - anonymous program

Secure Kit does not collect statistics on the connections and does not log on using a VPN connection

We want to alert you that the VPN clients can keep statistics on the use of a VPN connection, including a record of visited websites. VPN service can disable logs on the VPN servers and keep logs of its VPN client. To completely anonymous, we recommend that you use the official open source OpenVPN program. In section VPN Setup detail describes how to configure a VPN connection.

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