Setting up servers on a turnkey basis

We will distribute the load on the servers.
We will select the geolocation of the servers for your purposes.
We rent an anonymous offshore server.


On any technology: OpenVPN, IKEv2 and others


Anonymous HTTPS and Socks5 proxy


Let's connect an anonymous TOR network in conjunction


Hosting scripts on our network of servers

Disable logs

We guarantee the anonymity of clients and the server


Development of an API for interacting with servers

Service prices

Anonymous (offshore) server rental and setup included.


The initial stage of cooperation
in the form of server sharing.

  • You can host your scripts
  • Light Load Solutions
  • Minimum price indicated

from $59 per month

Server rental

We rent, set up and administer
a separate server for you.

  • You can host any solutions.
  • Only your project will be hosted on the server
  • Guaranteed to receive all server resources

from $89 / month per server

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Let's discuss the details of our cooperation. Write to our Email.

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Benefits of working with us

Cooperation with TheSafety.US I will do all myself

You pay only for the server, we do the rest of the work for you for free.

Buying a server and additional work will cost much more.
We buy a server with our documents and go through identity verification. We guarantee your anonymity. No one will know who owns the server. Buying with your documents is a big risk in case of complaints for server. You can forget about anonymity.
We guarantee timely payment for servers. In the event of a delay in payment, your server will be disabled and all data will be deleted. You can lose all settings.
Often payment is accepted by card or PayPal. We take these risks There may be problems with paying for servers via cards or PayPal. You need to create your account.
Professional configuration and administration of servers on a turnkey basis with any wishes. You need to understand everything yourself or find a specialist in this field for an additional fee.
API development for interacting with servers according to your requirements (user management, downloading configuration files, etc.) Learn to program yourself or find a specialist in this field for an additional fee.
Dealing with complaints (abuses) against servers, including spam and downloading torrents. Need to respond quickly to complaints. If you do not respond within 24 hours, the server will be blocked.
We monitor the correct geolocation of the servers so that the IP addresses correspond to the selected country. You need to manually search for geolocation services and send them requests to change data.

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You pay only for anonymous (offshore) server rent or Colocation.
We perform all the work listed above for you free of charge.
Further technical support is also free.

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Terms of cooperation

We provide a wide range of services for setting up VPN and proxy servers, including administration and technical support. We guarantee the constant operation of servers and quick replacement in case of emergencies. We also guarantee your anonymity.

Servers will work under our control. We will not be able to provide you with SSH access to the server due to ensuring your anonymity and stability of the server.

Setting up turnkey servers is the subject of intellectual property. We will not be able to transfer our developments to you. We will not be able to transfer server management to you, since all servers are rented to our registration data in corporate accounts.

We guarantee:

  • your anonymity when working with us
  • server uptime and free replacement in case of accidents
  • free technical support: changing server settings, API, adding new features

You pay rent or colocation, we provide servers.

Examples of configuring servers on a turnkey basis

Turnkey proxy and VPN server setup

Setting up turnkey servers for your purposes

VPN with restrictions

Let's set up a VPN server that will have speed limits for free clients, forced disconnection of users after a specified period of time. Flexible settings for connection control.

Setting up a server with residential proxies

Setting up a server with the issuance of resident IP addresses

VPN with residential IP addresses

We can set up an anonymous VPN server on a turnkey basis with the issuance of unique residential IP addresses through a proxy. Residential IP addresses belong to home Internet users and are not blocked when making transactions.

Setting up, renting and administering a server

Masking TOR with a VPN connection

VPN + TOR or proxy

In this scheme, one connection to the server is implemented and at the output the user will receive the IP address of the TOR network or proxy. The ISP will not know that you are connected to the TOR network as the traffic is encrypted. The output will be the IP address of the TOR network.

API for interacting with turnkey servers

API for interacting with servers: JSON, XML, CSV

API for user management

Development of an interface for interacting with servers in JSON, XML, CSV formats: adding and deleting users, setting limits, downloading configuration files. Further support and changes to scripts.

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Server settings for your tasks. Individual customization of any solutions is possible.

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