Affiliate Program

You have a unique opportunity to earn money by recommending buy VPN on our website. You will not need to think about setting up servers, provide technical support to customers. The only thing you need is redirect your customers to our site, that they recorded on your link! Is it all!

Just tell your friends about our service!

Participate in our affiliate program!

How do I get an affiliate link?

You only need to register on our website. It does not take more than 1 minute! Click "My account" in the top menu. Then click "Register".

After registering in the table you will see a link like "" (your link will be different the last digit). It is for this digit, we will understand that this is your customer!

We use modern technology to identify customers come by your link. We store in cookies your affiliate link with the period of the expiry of 90 days. This means that if a user goes again to the site through 89 days after the first entering and register, it will still be your referral. Also link is stored in the sessions and it will cut from URL line so that customer does not realize that he has come on a referral link.

Where to find customers?

Do you have your website, blog, a page Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter - place your affiliate link and tell your friends about our anonymous VPN service. And in turn we will thank you for your work!

You can place also stylish banners with your affiliate link. Just go to your account and go to page "My referrals". You need to copy the contents of the window of liked banner. There are also written your personal affiliate link.

How much can I earn money?

You will receive money for each new customer who has bought and prolong any VPN services.

Payout percentage is 20% ! This is a high percentage, considering that you will NOT need to think about setting up servers and provide technical support to customers. You just redirect your visitors to our site.

Organization of payments Affiliate Program

We undertake to pay your fees within 3 days (usually paid within 24 hours).

You can order the payment when your balance will be more than 20 USD. If this condition is under "Referrals -> Statistics" will appear for the order of payment. You will need to enter your account number in system. We support payouts from WebMoney, PayPal and others.

Earned money, you can always spend directly into our system by buying our services.

Let's calculate how much you need to attract customers to earn 20 USD. On average, our service costs 50 USD. In this case, your payment with one client will be 50 * 20% = 10 USD. It turns out that need to lead only 2 customers to earn 20 USD. It is great!

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