Affiliate program with payment of money

Earn money by recommending
VPN service, Personal proxy, Extended check of IP address

You do not need to think about setting up servers or providing technical support to customers. The only thing you need is to redirect your visitors to our site on a special referral link. That's all!

Just tell your friends and acquaintances about our service.

How to participate?

  1. Register on our website
  2. Go to My Account and click on the My Referrals button.
  3. Copy your link like and publish it on your website or on the forum
  4. Your visitors will pay for the subscription on our site, and you will immediately receive money

We pay 20% of the amount spent by the customer

You can publish the link in social networks, on your website, on the forums.

It is forbidden to advertise the link through spam mailing and unlawful actions.

The terms of participation

  1. It is forbidden to have several registrations and wind up payments to yourself. All bonuses will be checked manually. If it happens, your account will be blocked and no money will be returned.
  2. You will receive lifetime referral payments when your referrals purchasing and renewing VPN subscriptions.
  3. You can spend your money to buy VPN subscription for yourself or withdraw to your wallet in different payment systems.
  4. The application for payment is processed up to 3 days (usually not more than 24 hours).
  5. The average check of one purchase is $ 39. Accordingly, with one purchase you will receive $39 * 20% = $7,8
  6. Double payments for an affiliate program with payment of money and the Refer a Friend program are not possible. Refer a friend program is considered a priority.

Our recommendations for promotion

The most effective are the following ways of advertising:

  • advertisment of free subscription for ABC of anonymity in Google Adwords
  • placing links in the signatures on the forums
  • publishing a link on your website related to anonymity on the Internet


Are you not satisifed with that program?

Look another program Refer a friend with free VPN renewal for you and your friends.

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