Secure Kit for Android

You will love the Secure Kit with these benefits.

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OpenVPN protocol

Secure Kit uses the OpenVPN protocol, which is recognized as the most reliable VPN protocol in the world.

Anonymous program

Secure Kit does not keep logs for the use of the program and the sites you visit. We guarantee your anonymity.

DNS leak protection

Protection is always on. DNS requests are securely protected. DNS leak bypass VPN is not possible.

1-click connection

1 click, 7 seconds for the connection and you will be anonymous. Secure Kit instantly connects to VPN servers.

Convenient authorization

Authorization in the program through your username and password on the site or through the Username and Password VPN.

Waiting for Kill Switch

There are restrictions on Google's use of network settings for mobile devices. Not yet implemented.

Hide the fact of using VPN

OpenVPN can be configured to port 443, but the OpenVPN connection traffic by signatures is different from the SSL connection traffic (visiting the website through https).

Secure Kit is able to simulate a normal SSL connection. Your ISP will see normal SSL traffic, as if you are visiting an https website. We named this technology the Imitation HTTPS.

Installing Secure Kit on Android

Secure Kit can be installed on any device with Android 5.0 or higher.

To login, use the Username and Password VPN.

Install directly from our website.

Download Secure Kit .apk

Get the app from Google Play: Secure Kit VPN.

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