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The Java programming language was developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Later, Oracle bought Java. A feature of the Java programming language is that applications are translated into a special bytecode, which can be run on almost any device.

Originally, the language was used to write the logic of the work of the electric coffee machine. For this reason, the logo is a cup of coffee.

Logo of Java Oracle

Currently, Java is used to create sites and applications of banks, supercomputers, mobile phones, various household appliances.

Minuses of Java Oracle technology

  1. Your IP address can be detected through this technology, as well as some other parameters.

Use anonymous VPN no logs and Java defines only the IP address of the VPN server.

How to disable Java

You can disable the use of Java in the operating system for all programs and browsers.

Check if Java technology is enabled in your browser on the page Check Java and IP address.

Java disabled

If you have the value Disabled, it means either you have previously disabled Java, or it is not installed in the operating system.

If Enabled, read on how to disable.

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How to disable Java on Windows

To disable Java on Windows, click the Start button. Then All applications. And run the Configure Java application.

Java on Windows

Disable Java for browsers and application on Windows.

Disable Java on Windows

How to disable Java on macOS

To disable Java on macOS, go to System Preferences.

System preferences of macOS

Choose Java.

If Java is not listed, then it is not installed.

Java on macOS

Disable Java for browsers on macOS.

Disabling Java on macOS

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