Prices for Proxy

Proxy live up to 24 hours. Suitable for any purpose.
Prohibited sending spam, brute, MySQL injection. Each account used by one person.

Tariffs Daily

Tariffs Daily have a limit on the taking of the proxy from database per day.

For example, the Daily 5 allows to take not more than 5 proxy every day.
Unspent proxy does not carry over to the following days.

Tariffs Proxy per month Price per month
Daily 5
5 proxy per day
150 Buy 25
Daily 10
10 proxy per day
300 Buy 40
Daily 20
20 proxy per day
600 Buy 50
Daily 30
30 proxy per day
900 Buy 80

If the limit is exhausted, then the system will not allow to take the proxy more. Server Time specified in your account. This tariff is advantageous when the required number of known proxies per day. Note that each proxy lifetime up to 24 hours (may be less), so it is necessary to take tariff with margin.

Tariffs Per Use

On tariffs Per Use you can take immediately all proxies. Taking a list is not provided.

For example, Per Use 1 allows just take 20 proxy.
Unspent proxy disappear and the next month is not tolerated.

Tariffs Proxy per month Price per month
Per Use 1 20 Buy 10
Per Use 2 50 Buy 15
Per Use 3 80 Buy 20
Per Use 4 200 Buy 30
Per Use 350 350 Buy 49

This tariff is advantageous for those who need a proxy from case to case, ie without the need for them daily.

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