How to use residential proxies for TikTok

TikTok is a service for creating and watching short videos. In some countries, this service is blocked and you can bypass these blocks using a proxy or VPN.

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You can use different types of proxies to access the TikTok API. There are 2 main types of proxies - server and resident.

Server proxies

Server proxies are installed on dedicated servers located in data centers. The advantage of using them is that there will be one dedicated IP address for the entire period of purchase. But the problem is that such IP addresses are marked as server ones. As a result, the site will know that you are using the server IP address. Your actions can be limited and even blocked.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are more convenient to use for the TikTok API and other services. These are proxies whose IP addresses belong to home Internet users. Such IP addresses, as a rule, are not blocked by Google Captcha check and other analogs (of course, this depends on the number of requests per minute on the API).

Recently, services have been created that determine the use of server and resident proxies. Thanks to these services, the website can distinguish between server and resident proxy users. We have Extended IP Address Checker.

Residential proxies allow you to access over 100 countries, over 6 million IP addresses. You will be able to select the country of connection. There is no sorting of IP addresses by city due to the technical complexity of the implementation.

IP addresses for residential proxies can be rotating or session.

Rotating IP addresses come in handy when you need to process a large amount of data through the API. Each request will be made from a new IP address. This is a guarantee that your actions will not be blocked through the API. You connect to the same domain and the system gives you different IP addresses.

Session IP provides one IP for a session less than 30 minutes. During this time, you will be assigned a permanent IP address. Conditionally session IP addresses are used to browse websites.

How to buy residential proxies for TikTok

Payment for resident proxies is taken based on the traffic spent. Flexible resident proxy rates allow you to select the required traffic volume. There are special discounts for customers who need a lot of traffic.

Our site is fully automated, and you will receive a username and password to connect immediately after purchase.

For example, let's generate a connection to a residential proxy in the United States with a rotating IP address. The number of connections is not limited, you can generate many lists for connecting to different countries.

Residential proxies for TikTok

Configuring resident proxies for TikTok

Residential proxies for TikTok can be configured in a browser or in special programs.

If you use the own script to interact with the TikTok API, then you need to enter the connection data: connection address, port, username and password.

Residential proxies will help you work with the TikTok API.

Residential proxies

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