How to set up OpenVPN connection for routers with AsusWRT based firmware

Attention! Factory firmware AsusWRT does not always have OpenVPN support. Connection via OpenVPN is available in alternative AsusWRT based firmware (Merlin, Padavan, XWRT).

In the Subscriptions download OpenVPN configuration files for Linux, unzip the archive to Desktop.

Download Linux configurations

Open the admin panel of the router, go to the VPN section.

OpenVPN settings

Go to the VPN Client tab, switch to OpenVPN.

Open OpenVPN settings

Import OpenVPN configuration from the unpacked archive. Select a file and click Upload.

Import OpenVPN configuration

In the Basic Settings section:

  1. Enter connection description;
  2. Enable VPN start when connected to the Internet;
  3. Enter Username VPN;
  4. Enter Password VPN.

Basic Settings

In the Advanced Settings section:

  1. Switch Accept DNS Configuration option to Exclusive;
  2. Switch the option Redirect Internet Traffic to All;
  3. Click Apply.

Advanced Settings

In the Client Control section switch on Service State.

Switch connection on

Connection to the OpenVPN server established successfully!

Connection established

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