All the truth about Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN

Presently, VPN technologies are widely used in the Internet. But why, then, only a few companies in the world offer such services as Double VPN, Triple VPN, Quad VPN?

Do these technologies really provide protection to its users? Or anonymity of these technologies is just another myth?

Let's try to figure it out.

What is the origin of Double VPN, Triple and Quad?

It is unknown who was the first to cascade two VPN servers. It is most likely that a Double VPN parent can be considered a person who made a coherent chain of 2 proxy servers. This idea later got a material review from the VPN services` clients. Many of them believed that a technology solving everything with security problems was finally found. Therefore, Double VPN technology became popular.

If something works and attracts clients, then why not to create a “new technology”?

Thus, VPN services created Triple and Quad VPN. An idea of ​​an instantaneous servers switching with the ability to change the exit points appeared.

In fact, the serial cascading has serious disadvantages. We will tell about them later, but now let us see the process of Octuple VPN (8 consecutive VPN servers) creation.

The idea of ​​VPN server cascading

The idea of ​​a consistent traffic transfer between VPN servers is easy. Such a connection is created between the user's computer and the VPN server first. Then a second encrypted channel between the first and the second VPN server is created. Thus, all traffic is encrypted twice, consecutively.

How to work Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN

Undoubtedly, this technology has its advantages. Let's figure them out.

Advantages of Double VPN, Triple VPN, Quad VPN

This technology helps to increase own anonymity. All traffic passes through multiple servers and is encrypted. At the same time your external IP address is changed several times.

We can highlight the following advantages of using Double VPN technology:

  • Your ISP will see the first connection to the VPN server, but will not know your destination IP address on the Internet, as the Internet connection is carried out with the second VPN server;
  • The second VPN server will not know your real IP address, since it will be hidden by the first VPN server. This increases your anonymity;
  • You can use different geographic locations of VPN servers located in different continents (e.g. Panama, Malaysia, or Korea).
  • Your IP address changes on every stage of this process, which creates a layering of your anonymity.

When Double VPN was first introduced, many people thought that it was an excellent tool for anonymization. But we always talk about a comprehensive approach to security. And one serial VPN is not enough to provide the highest level of anonymity.

But there is another important question: why are there so few services with similar services if they help resolving anonymity on the Internet?

Why do so few services offer Double VPN?

If we analyze various sites on Double VPN requests in Google, then we will see that a little more than 10 services around the world provide such services.

If Double VPN has so many advantages, so why do not all VPN services offer such services?

In fact, the majority of services is officially registered and has real offices.

Companies provide VPN services to clients who just want to change their geographic location to unlock access to services such as Skype, Facebook, and Google Disk.

Companies have real offices, where you can send a formal request. For these companies clients` anonymity is not critical, and they will immediately give the police all client`s data on the first request.

As a rule, all registered companies are required to keep logs and record all their clients` actions according to the law. We have compiled a list of questions for which you will be able to see exactly whether a VPN service keeps logs.

There is no sense for such companies to complicate the sales model while introducing Double VPN. Because at the same time they also need to develop a system of clients logging activities which use cascade servers.

Double VPN increases anonymity, but is there any danger in using it?

What are the dangers of Double, Triple, Quad VPN?

The technology of serial VPN servers cascading assumes the presence of consecutive encrypted channels. But there is the key question: what is located between the channels?

Danger at using Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN

At each stage, the information is decrypted and then re-encrypted, while entering the next channel. Accordingly, the encryption and decryption of traffic is carried out on every stage. Roughly speaking, this process occurs in RAM and is not dangerous.

Vulnerability in OpenSSL of HeartBleed package was found in April 2014. Therefore, it became possible to remotely read RAM contents. This error in OpenSSL code has existed since 2011. And we cannot exactly say whether it appeared accidentally or not. Therefore, such traffic decryption on each server is a great danger to users.

Let's differentiate disadvantages of using Double, Triple and Quad VPN.

Disadvantages of Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN

Despite all the benefits of technology serial VPN server cascading, we can draw attention to the disadvantages of using this technology.

The main disadvantage is a transcript of traffic on each VPN server. We have already noted this dangerous step in terms of your anonymity.

Another disadvantage of this technology is a sizeable speed drop when using chains VPN servers. This is due to the traffic encryption and geographical distance between servers.

We have tested the speed drop between a conventional VPN and Double VPN. We should test the same exit points (the same server).

All results are indicative, because if you perform a few tests in a row, the data may be very different.

First, the speed of a standard VPN connection has been checked. In this case, the traffic goes to the server in the Netherlands, then – to site, located in the US, and returns to your computer in reverse order.

Speed test of VPN connection on

Speed ​​test for Double VPN connection. The traffic goes from your computer to a server in Germany, and then to a server in the Netherlands. Thereafter, the traffic goes to Speedtest website, located in the US. To display the data traffic returns to your computer in reverse order.

Speed test of Double VPN connection on

Speed ​​test for offshore Double VPN connection. We must bear in mind that in this case traffic goes on your geographic location to offshore VPN server in Panama, then to a server in the Netherlands and then comes to the Speedtest site (which is located in the US). Then all the data returns from the site to your computer in reverse order.

Speed test of Offshore Double VPN connection

If you use Triple VPN and Quad VPN chains, the speed drop may be even greater. Accordingly, the use of such a chain will not be comfortable. If this technology has disadvantages, then why should I use it?

Should I use a Double VPN, Triple VPN, and Quad VPN?

We recommend that you use Double VPN, as this technology does increase your anonymity.

We have always told you about a comprehensive approach to security. And Double VPN can be one of the links in your anonymity online.

We do not recommend using Triple VPN and Quad VPN, since they reduce the Internet connection speed and do not create an additional layer of protection. That is, the speed drop is greater than advantages of these technologies.

If you need a perfect anonymity, it is recommended to explore other methods of protection, such as TOR's, proxies, SSH, and others, instead of using the Triple and Quad VPN.

We'll talk about them in details in other articles.

Nowadays, client`s anonymity is more dependent on the quantity of technologies which he/she uses. We would like to tell you about the Parallel VPN technology, which has been becoming very popular.

What is a parallel VPN?

The idea of ​​using Parallel VPN technology appeared due to numerous disadvantages found in Double VPN.

Parallel VPN removes all Double VPN security weaknesses.

What is a Parallel VPN

The essence of this technology is as follows: the traffic passes through a double parallel tunnel. Unlike Double VPN, traffic is really encrypted twice at one time..

Find more about Parallel VPN.

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