Cheap VPN - Myth or Reality??

Currently, VPN technology is widely used for solving various tasks, such as viewing unavailable in your country content, protecting the transmission of personal information on the Internet, the IP address change, increasing anonymity online.

Recently, a lot of services offer buy VPN access at a low price.

Why VPN become cheaper

Many factors contribute to this:

  • high competition among VPN services. So, in 2006 VPN services was no more than 20, then in 2014 there are more than 230. Because of this, many services reduce prices, to somehow gain customer base and enter into this market.
  • use of standard VPN settings. Most services use a standard configuration schema, which provides only the safety of the traffic. Transmitted data will be encrypted, but there are many indirect parameters which can calculate your location, such as DNS, TTL, logs your Internet service provider. Standard configuration scheme does not ensure complete anonymity.
  • cheapening of computing power. Server is getting more power, older configurations cheaper.
  • low maintenance costs of the service. Standard tuning circuit VPN servers almost never require updates. Configured server can operate for many years without any configuration changes. Thus, no need to hold the state of the system administrator.

Cons cheap VPN

In many cheap VPN services customers "sitting" on the same direction, thereby reducing the capacity of the channels, the data rate is reduced.

Typically, these VPN services are interested in a lot of customers because of the minimum price, thereby worsening service.

VPN services are server-based logs as attracting cheaper price comes many customers who need a VPN for 1 time for different purposes, including spam and attacks.

In this case, there is no any anonymity.

One of these cases was the arrest of the hacker from group LulzSec who took advantage of the famous cheap VPN service. Subsequently, the service gave logs to the FBI.

Cheap VPN - Myth or Reality?

Getting cheap access, you get cheap security

Usually cheap VPN services are only suitable for viewing legal content not available in your country. For example:, BBC, Xbox Live, YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, Fox, Yandex Music

Tips for choosing a VPN service

  • choose the professionals working in the market of security services for a long time.
  • if you need anonymous VPN certainly ask about keeping logs. If storing logs clearly indicated on the service, you need to think about whether to use this service.
  • pay attention to the VPN technology that uses the service: setting up VPN server accepts standard or additional methods of protecting customers.
  • preferable to use anonymous payment methods (eg, Perfect Money), because security is composed not only of the service itself, but also on the allied issues.

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