What is JavaScript and how to disable it in browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser

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JavaScript programming language is used to create interactive pages. Web sites use JavaScript to quickly upload data to the site. For example, design tips when hovering over a mouse, viewing images in the form of a carousel, checking the correctness of filling out forms when sending data, etc.

JavaScript has become so popular that it is used by most sites on the Internet.

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Disadvantages of JavaScript technology

  1. In the JavaScript language, critical vulnerabilities are encountered.
  2. Some of your settings, such as the language of the operating system, browser, time zone, IP address and other parameters can be detected via Javascript.

How to disable JavaScript

JavaScript can be disabled in browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome Chrome, Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser and Internet Explorer.

You can check whether Javascript technology is enabled in your browser on the page Checking JavaScript and IP address.

JavaScript disabled

If you have the value set to Disabled, it means either you have previously disabled Javascript, or it is not enabled by default in the browser.

If Enabled, read on how to disable.

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Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Yandex Browser

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

To disable JavaScript in your Google Chrome browser, go to Settings.

Settings Google Chrome

In the search bar, type javascript and open the Content Settings.

Content Settings in Google Chrome

Choose JavaScript.

JavaScript in Google Chrome

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome.

Disabling Javascript in Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

To disable JavaScript in the Mozilla Firefox browser, type the following text in the address bar:.


And click I accept the risk.

Hidden settings in Mozilla Firefox

In the search bar, type javascript.enabled. Right-click on the line and select Toggle.

JavaScript is disabled in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Disabling JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox


To disable JavaScript in the Safari browser, go to Preferences.

Preferences Safari

Disable JavaScript in Safari on the Security tab.

Disabling JavaScript in Safari


To disable JavaScript in the Opera browser, type the following text in the address bar and press Enter.


Select the Websites section and disable JavaScript in the Opera browser.

Disable JavaScript in Opera

Yandex Browser

To disable JavaScript in Yandex Browser go to Settings.

Settings Yandex Browser

Scroll down and click the Advanced Settings button and then click the Content Settings button.

Content Settings in Yandex Browser

Disable JavaScript in Yandex Browser.

Disable JavaScript in Yandex Browser

Internet Explorer

To disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options.

Internet Options of Internet Explorer

On the Security tab, click the Custom level button.

Disabling JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Search for Scripting and disable Active scripting Javascript in Internet Explorer.

Disabling JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has removed the ability to disable Javascript in the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser.

If it is important for you to disable JavaScript in Microsoft Edge, then we recommend using a different browser.

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