Is it safe to use own VPN server?

In currently widely used VPN. On the Internet you can find manuals for setting up your own VPN server on Linux.

Usually users want to have own VPN server because afraid that cheap VPN services logs are maintained. And can configure own server as want and just be sure that logs are disabled.

Follow the manuals to configure the VPN on own server is not difficult. But is it safe? And is it worth saving on an anonymous paid VPN service?

"Pitfalls" own VPN server

The first about what think a user after successful configuration of the VPN server is «whether I am safe?»

Typically, VPN channel is correctly encrypted traffic, IP address changes. And it is even possible that the user did everything correctly and logs on the server are not kept.

But there are still a few questions his own anonymity:

  • user registers bought server itself. And in all dealings with the hosting company server immediately give all the information to the competent authorities. Of course you can specify a non-existent data, buy a server with an intermediary server or obtain fraudulently, but the question of anonymity in this case is still open. Nobody wants to share your legal liability.
  • what VPN technology is used. As a rule, the manuals on the Internet contain a description of the standard VPN setting and the user does not even know that its location can be determined by indirect parameters, such as DNS, TTL, logs your ISP.
  • buy VPN server easily but need to pay for it from own purse. If you want to save on the server, then you need to buy directly from the foreign hosting company and usually they offer payment via credit card or PayPal, that is, NOT anonymous payment methods. Another option is to buy through an intermediary, but in this case the price for the month immediately increased 1,5 - 2 times and again responsible for your activities one does not take over.

Desire to save money does not always lead to the best

Winston Churchill wrote: «Necessary to pay for the safety and for its lack of pay»

More about how one user paid off in article Should you use a cheap VPN?

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