Proxy Settings in Mozilla Firefox on Windows

To configure HTTP or Socks proxy in Mozilla Firefox on Windows, follow these steps.

Proxy Settings in Firefox on Windows

Proxy Settings in Firefox on Windows - Network

Specify the IP address and port of the proxy. We recommend using Socks 5 proxy because at the moment it is the most anonymous protocol.

HTTP Proxy - type HTTP proxy

SSL Proxy - HTTPS proxy

FTP Proxy - usually uses the same HTTP or HTTPS proxies

Socks Host - type Socks data (enough to fit on a single line)

Proxy Settings in Firefox on Windows

Proxy authentication using login and password

If you are using an HTTP proxy authorization, the window with the login and password will be immediately as soon as you try to access any website on the Internet.

Browsers does not support Socks proxy authorization. In such cases it is necessary to use the special program. For example, Proxifier.

More about configuring Proxifier on Windows.

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