Configuring Proxifier for Windows

Proxifier program uses to quickly configure HTTPS and Socks proxy. It automatically redirects all network connections through a proxy. In this case no traffic goes past the proxy.

More about configuring Proxifier in Mac OS.

Proxifier program fee, but you can use it conditionally free for 1 month. Download Proxifier from official website. There are 2 versions of program: "Standard Edition" and "Portable Edition". We recommend to use "Portable Edition" because do not need to install it. Proxy Checker included in the program, so download it separately is not necessary.

Click to icon "Proxies" in the upper left corner.

Proxifier for Windows - Proxies

For the initial addition of a proxy click "Add". Button "Proxy Chains" used to create a proxy chain.

Proxifier for Windows - Adding proxy

Specify the IP address, port of the proxy server and protocol version. We recommend using working anonymous proxy and Socks 5 protocol, since it is the most anonymous. If proxy authentication is required, then put the check "Enable" and type login and password.

Proxifier for Windows - Proxy data

After these settings, all traffic will go through the proxy. You can check your IP address.

Manage proxy chain in Proxifier

To create a proxy chain you need to buy proxy in sufficient quantities. In "Proxies" click to button "Proxy Chains". To create a proxy chain push button "Create". It should be called to create a chain, e.g., "New chain".

Proxifier for Windows - Create proxy chain

To create a chain of proxy drag proxy from the top to the bottom, thus indicating the order of the proxy.

Proxifier for Windows - Proxy chain

In "Rules" you need to select a proxy or a chain of proxy you want to use. VPN service TheSafety recommends the use of a chain VPN + 2 proxy for maximum anonymity.

Proxifier for Windows - Using of proxy chain

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