What is Cookies and how to disable them in browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser

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Cookies are special files in browsers in which websites can store certain data. The browser will store the information in cookies and transfer it back to the website with each website visiting.

Most websites on the Internet use cookies. Some websites may not work correctly if you turn off cookies.

For example, referral links are stored in cookies. If you visited a website with a referral link, then the information about the referral link will be stored in the browser cookie. If you do not register at this visit, the browser will remember that you used this referral link and will transfer it to the website for all subsequent visits.

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Con of keeping Cookies

  1. Web sites can add tracking parameters to your browser. Using cookies, it is possible uniquely identify multiple visits with one browser.

How to disable Cookies

Cookies can be disabled in browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome Chrome, Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

You can check whether cookies are accepted by your browser on the page Cookies and IP address check.

Cookies disabled

If you have the value Disabled, it means that you have already disabled cookies, or it is not enabled by default in the browser.

If Enabled, read on how to disable.

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Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Yandex Browser

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

To disable cookies in Google Chrome, go to Settings.

Settings Google Chrome

In the search bar, type cookies and open Content settings.

Content settings in Google Chrome

Choose Cookies.

Cookies in Google Chrome

Disable cookies in Google Chrome.

Disabling Cookies in Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

To disable cookies in the Mozilla Firefox browser, go to Options.

Options Mozilla Firefox

Choose tab Privacy & Security and disable cookies in Firefox.

Disabling cookies in Mozilla Firefox


To disable cookies in Safari, go to Preferences.

Preferences Safari

Disable cookies in Safari on the Privacy tab.

Disabling cookies in Safari


To disable cookies in the Opera browser, type the following into the address bar and press Enter.


In the search bar, type cookies and disable cookies in the Opera browser.

Disable cookies in Opera

Yandex Browser

To disable cookies in Yandex Browser, go to Settings.

Settings Yandex Browser

In the search bar, type cookie and press button Content settings.

Content settings in Yandex Browser

Disable cookies in Yandex Browser.

Disabling cookies in Yandex Browser

Internet Explorer

To disable cookies in Internet Explorer, go to Internet options.

Internet options Internet Explorer

On the Privacy tab, click Advanced button.

Advansed settings Internet Explorer

Disable cookies in Internet Explorer.

Disabling cookies in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

To disable cookies in the Microsoft Edge browser, go to Settings.

Settings in Microsoft Edge

Scroll down and click the View advanced settings button.

Advanced settings in Microsoft Edge

Disable cookies in Microsoft Edge.

Disable cookies in Microsoft Edge

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