How to set up OpenVPN connection in Windows 10

How to set up OpenVPN in Windows 8

How to set up OpenVPN in Windows 7

How to set up OpenVPN in Windows XP

Download the latest version of OpenVPN application (file Windows Installer 32, 64, ARM64 bit - depending on your system).

Download OpenVPN

Install the OpenVPN app.

OpenVPN setup window in Windows 10

Allow installation of the program.

Allowing OpenVPN Installation on Windows 10

Installing OpenVPN in Windows 10

Run OpenVPN app.

Run OpenVPN app in Windows 10

After launch, a folder for configuration files is created.

Folder for OpenVPN configuration files

In the Subscriptions download OpenVPN files and extract the ZIP archive to the Desktop.

Download OpenVPN files in Windows 10

Copy OpenVPN files from Desktop to folder:

 C:| Users | (User name) | OpenVPN | config
  1. Open folder (User name) | OpenVPN | config
  2. Copy all files
  3. Make sure to copy the file named as (Login VPN). This file is responsible for automatic authorization on VPN servers.

Copy OpenVPN files in work folder in Windows 10

Connect to OpenVPN server on Windows 10.

Connection to OpenVPN server in Windows 10

Connection successfully established.

Successful connection to OpenVPN on Windows 10

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