How to set up OpenVPN connection in Windows XP

Download program OpenVPN version 2.3.14 (file Installer for Windows XP with extension .exe).

Program version 2.4 and above does not support Windows XP more.

Download OpenVPN for Windows XP

Install program by default.

Window Setup OpenVPN on Windows XP

OpenVPN license agreement in Windows XP

Leave all the settings by default.

OpenVPN Settings in Windows XP

Path to OpenVPN in Windows XP

Allow to install OpenVPN driver.

Installing OpenVPN driver Windows XP

Complete the OpenVPN installation for Windows XP.

Finish setup OpenVPN

Completing the installation OpenVPN in Windows XP

Run OpenVPN app.

Run OpenVPN in Windows XP

In the Subscriptions download OpenVPN files and extract the Zip archive to the Desktop.

Download OpenVPN files in Windows XP

Copy OpenVPN files from the Desktop to a folder:

C:| Program Files | OpenVPN | config
  1. Open folder Program Files | OpenVPN | config
  2. Copy all files
  3. Make sure file with name (Username VPN) was copied. This file is responsible for the automatic authentication on the VPN servers.

Copy OpenVPN files in Windows XP

Connect to the OpenVPN server in Windows XP.

Connecting to the OpenVPN server in Windows XP

Connection is successfully established.

Successfully connecting to OpenVPN in Windows XP

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