How to set up PPTP VPN connection on Android 6 Marshmallow

How to set up PPTP VPN on Android 4

Go to Settings.

Settings on Android 6 Marshmallow

Select More and then Wireless & networks.

Wireless and networks on Android 6

Click VPN.

VPN on Android 6

Click Add VPN network.

Add PPTP VPN on Android 6 Marshmallow

Set Pin code or pattern, if it has not yet been set.

Set Pin code on Android 6

In the "My Account" view list of PPTP VPN servers, Username and Password VPN.

List of PTPP VPN servers


  1. Any name for the connection
  2. Type PPTP
  3. IP address of PPTP VPN server
  4. Mark PPP encryption (MPPE)

Enter IP address PPTP VPN server on Android 6


  1. Username VPN
  2. Password VPN
  3. Mark Save account information

Username and password of PPTP VPN on Android 6

The connection is successfully established.

Successfully connected to PPTP VPN on Android 6 Marshmallow

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