How to set up PPTP VPN connection on macOS

This manual is suitable for PPTP VPN settings on the Mac OS X version 10.11 El Capitan and older.

PPTP VPN connection is not supported with version macOS 10.12 SIerra and newer. We recommend set up OpenVPN conection via Tunnelblick.

Go to System Preferences.

System preferences on macOS

Open Network.

Network on macOS

  1. Make sure the lock is open. If the lock is closed, then click on it to enable changes.
  2. Click Add.

Add new VPN connection on macOS


  1. VPN
  2. PPTP. If PPTP is not listed, it means you are using macOS 10.12 Sierra or newer. In this case, we recommend set up OpenVPN connection via Tunnelblick
  3. Any name for the connection

Add PPTP VPN connection on macOS

In the My Account section view the list of IP addresses PPTP VPN, Username and Password VPN.

List of PPTP VPN servers


  1. IP address of PPTP VPN server
  2. Username VPN
  3. Encryption: Maximum 128 bit
  4. Click Authentication Settings

Username and IP address of PPTP VPN on macOS

Enter Password VPN.

Password PPTP VPN connection on macOS

Click Advanced.

Advanced settings PPTP VPN on macOS

Mark Send all traffic over VPN connection.

Send all traffic over PPTP VPN on macOS

Click Connect.

Connection to PPTP VPN on macOS

Connection to the PPTP VPN on macOS successfully established.

Successfully connected to PPTP VPN on macOS

In the future, you can connect to the PPTP VPN server from the top menu.

Connect to PPTP VPN on macOS

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