Configure OpenVPN connection in Tunnelblick on Mac OS

Download Stable version of Tunnelblick on your computer from official website. Be sure that you download version of program which works with your macOS version.

Download Tunnelblick

Run installation. Then double-click on the icon of

Install Tunnelblick on macOS

Allow to open the program.

Permission to install Tunnelblick on macOS

If necessary, disable the verification of the IP address in the Tunnelblick program for anonymity.

Disable the verification of the IP address in the Tunnelblick on macOS

Enter Username and Password from your account on macOS.

Enter your username and password from macOS

Tunnelblick installed. Click I have configuration files.

Setting Tunnelblick configuration files

Click Ok.

How to upload OpenVPN files to the Tunnelblick on macOS

In the Subscriptions download OpenVPN files for macOS and unzip the archive to any folder.

Download Tunnelblick configuration files

In the top menu bar of macOS find Tunnelblick icon and then click VPN Details.

VPN Details in Tunnelblick

You must drag and drop the files from the Finder to the Configuration section of the Tunnelblick app to upload configuration files.

Upload files to the Tunnelblick using the Finder

Click Apply to all so that all files are successfully loaded, and choose to install files only to your account or to All Users of macOS.

Install configuration files in Tunnelblick on macOS

Enter your login and password from the account of macOS.

Enter your username and password from macOS

For connection to OpenVPN, click on the Tunnelblick icon in the top menu bar and select the desired connection.

OpenVPN connection via Tunnelblick

In the next window, write:

  1. Username VPN
  2. Mark if you need to remember Username
  3. Password VPN
  4. Mark if you need to remember Password

Username and Password VPN program on Tunneblick macOS

Connection successfully established.

Successfully connected to OpenVPN server via Tunnelblick

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